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The Coronavirus pandemic should have forced businesses to reduce spending, right? But 26% of B2B companies surveyed, report they plan to increase overall spending by 4-25% in the next two weeks. 

On the other hand, an overwhelming majority of consumers are now putting value and accessibility as their top priority when it comes to brands. As such, loyalty is suffering and businesses have to be proactive to remain relevant in these unprecedented times.

Meanwhile, over 67% of respondents in a B2B survey feel that redefining communication is the right step to adapt to the pandemic instead of evolving or renewing offerings. But is that the right step as consumers prioritize care, safety and health above all else during COVID-19?

Even though the long term implications of COVID-19 pandemic are still unraveling, these shifts show that the ‘new normal’ will be starkly different from what we were used to before the pandemic began.

As such, business value propositions during and after the pandemic have to be in tune with the changes in consumer behavior. 

Find out how COVID-19 has shifted consumer and business trends around the world so that you are better equipped to adapt value propositions for a post-COVID world. 

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