How is our data synced, stored, and secured?

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  • How is our data synced?
  • How often do my Data Sources sync with
  • How is our data stored and secured?

How is our data synced?

All data synced from a native integration, like HubSpot, Google Analytics, Facebook, etc., is accessed through that Data Source’s Application Programming Interface (API). For example, HubSpot’s API is controlled by HubSpot and is different than Google Analytics’ API, which is controlled by Google. The same goes for all other Data Sources that natively integrates with. 

Since we are syncing data from each Data Source’s API, certain data may be limited or inaccessible. In these cases, we do our best to work with the owner of the API to gain further access. 

For some Metrics, backend calculations are performed to produce the value you see in This is often the case for rates, percentages, or net new Metrics. For example, the HubSpot Marketing Metric “Contact Conversion Rate” divides the number of New Contacts by the number of Sessions during the specified Date Range.

How often do my Data Sources sync with 

Syncing intervals are determined based on plan and Account activity. 

For Paid Accounts, data syncs once every hour. For Free Accounts that have been active in the last 30 days, data syncs once a day. 

We also monitor Account activity in order to sync your data when it’s most valuable to you. Because of this, it may appear as though your data is syncing more frequently than every 60 minutes. We prioritize data syncs for Business customers so the freshest data is available in these Accounts.

There are some exceptions to the typical sync schedule that are in place to reduce costs to users and improve performance. 

  • Google Sheets: when Sheet is updated (max every 2 hours)
  • Localytics: every 8 hours
  • YouTube: every 8 hours
  • AccuRanker: every 12 hours
  • Ahrefs: once per day
  • GooglePlay: once per day
  • iTunesConnect: once per day
  • MOZ: once per day
  • SEMrush: once per day

Metrics added to the Metrics screen, used on Databoards, as Goals, on Scorecards or in Alerts will sync regularly depending on your plan (paid plans sync hourly, free plans sync daily) and activity of users in your account. 

If a connected Data Source’s Metrics are not used anywhere in (i.e., on the Metrics screen, on a Databoard, as a Goal, in an Alert, etc.), the Data Source will not sync regularly. In paid Accounts, data will sync daily (as opposed to hourly) for these Data Sources. In free Accounts, data syncing will be on hold. This may result in gaps in the data accessible in To start syncing data regularly, at least 1 Metric from the Data Source must be selected and used in  

Similarly, Custom Metrics must be actively used in in order to regularly sync data.

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