What are pre-defined Date Ranges vs custom Date Ranges?

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  • What are pre-defined Date Ranges?
  • What are custom Date Ranges?

What are pre-defined Date Ranges?

Lucrative.ai has pre-defined Date Ranges that you can select while viewing your data. This includes “Last 7 Days,” “Month to Date,” “Last Month,” “Last 12 Months,” and more. 

All Date Ranges may not be available for every Metric due to the accessibility of data from the Data Source’s API. 

Pro Tip: The amount of historical data that’s initially available after connecting a Data Source differs depending on the Data Source itself.

What are custom Date Ranges?

Custom Date Ranges allow you to define your own Date Range by selecting the start and end dates, custom rolling Date Ranges, more specific comparison Date Ranges, fiscal calendars, and more. In short, you will no longer be limited to pre-defined Date Ranges. 

To build CDR, we re-architected and rebuilt the majority of our application. This new architecture will enable us to roll out additional enhancements in the coming months. 

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