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What is Lucrative?
It is an autonomous AI that utilizes your existing advertising data, real-time auction bidding, and customer interaction to provide holistic feedback that enables you to optimize your performance.


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All your data is fed into our AI engine to reveal any complex issues.


AI autonomously analyzes, manages, and optimizes your campaign.


Actionable insights are then displayed onto striking visual dashboards.

Artificial Intelligence

How it can empower you!

Only 52-55% of ad spend generates revenue, whereas the rest of the 45-48% is sunk cost, wasted due to suboptimal campaigns. Lucrative intervenes and guarantees a 30% decrease in those sunk costs. Now THAT is something you should let sink in– not the costs!

Our Artificial Intelligence technology is streamlining search engine marketing for a number of businesses in several verticals. On average, Lucrative takes 8 weeks to embark on a substantial change in your KPIs, reducing the cost-per-acquisition and increasing the return-on-investment (ROI).

It’s all about the transformation!

Artificial intelligence revolutionizes the world of Search Engine Marketing!


How does Lucrative work?

It converges all your complex data from scattered sources, analyzes it, and displays it on a user-friendly dashboard so you may view the deduced insights. This empowers you to optimize your campaigns and drastically increase profits.


  • Precise Performance Prediction → 96%
  • Industry Competitive Data Analysis→ 90%
  • Right Prediction Sales Prioritization → 93%
  • Less Discrepancies in Analytics → 99%

Outstanding Benefits

Cost Reduction
It enables you to focus on responsive markets to minimize your costs and maximize profits
Leads to Sales
It provides you valuable, actionable insights regarding the behavior of potential customers.
Accurate Prediction
It tests a prediction model on your customers so you know which relationships require attention.
Pattern Identification
It identifies key characteristics of serious buyers in order to conduct effective targeting.
It analyzes performance to construct a scoring priority that is optimal for your company.
Immaculate Results
Lucrative’s implementations are autonomous and unerring, revealing optimum results.
Ad Networks We Specialize In

Our experience and Know-How


Our Team Leaders

 Meet a Crew of Professionals

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Muhammad Jalil
MarTech Evangelist
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Rabia Siddiqi
AdTech Magician
Bilal Ahmad
BI Innovater
Robert McCarthy
Architect Builder
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Ahmad Raza
Analytics Pro
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Hammad Saleem
Data Engineering
Saqib Anjum
CRM Guru
Muhammad Waseem
Content and Communications
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Ramsha Gul
Content Curation
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Maria Shahid

What the world says?

We have set the bar high!

Ridge Consulting

Technical excellence and communication expertise takes precedence over all the great skills they have. The most professional team we ever worked with.

ABIS Online

They have the ability of doing what they claim. Pushed our ROIs above expectations. Real expertise with automation as they claim!

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Media About Us

GemCoin Press Reviews From All Around The World

 It claims to have found the missing links and data anomalies in business processes and offers better customisability to its clients
The firm believes in utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to promote performance marketing
They use machine learning to analyze information and drive strategies for helping sales and marketing using AI tech

The Pillars of our Predictive Analytics

We utilize the best methodologies to reveal optimal results

Historical Data

Customer Behavior

Performance Reports

Market Trends

Future Predictions

Our Strategy

  • Predictions
  • Analytical reasoning

The Results

  • Increase in ROIs
  • Reductions in spend
  • Boost in CLVs
  • The Ripple Branding effect

Marketing Tactics Trends 2019-2019

    Predictive Marketing

    Performance Marketing

    Analytics-based Marketing

    Orthodox Marketing Approaches

We call it the
Lucrative Cycle

We honestly master in perfections
achieved from excellence.

The whole concept of creating more value through marketing is based 
on data analytics and prediction models.

Ad Spend Managed

About $10 Million


Client Connections

Over 20%

Avg. Increase in ROIs

Up to 15%

Saved on Ad Spend

Small Businesses




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Personal Wallet (Demo)
Sign in with fingerprint or Face ID to access wallet.
Smart Search (Demo)
To find sellers and make transactions with QR code.
Track Rates (Demo)
To view cryptocurrency conversion prices.
Push Alerts (Demo)
To get notifications about transactions, prices etc.

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