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Lucrative is owned by the parent company Mountainise Inc., which is a digital marketing agency that provides Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tailored solutions for marketing & performance optimization and data science, creating unparalleled customer success journeys.  Incorporating AI into its strategies opened up glorious doors of nuanced benefits for Mountainise, revealing unprecedented profits for the clients. 

Mountainise realized that if incorporating AI into strategies generates such exorbitant profits, then an autonomous AI with the ability to carry out the marketing process entirely on its own must open unrivaled realms to profits and efficiency. This is precisely why Mountainise is the primary investor for Lucrative.ai


Lucrative is an autonomous intelligence with the ability to solve all marketing concerns. Business owners and marketers no longer have to waste your time and resources into manually trying to figure out what works for a campaign and what doesn’t. Lucrative swoops in and fully automate the entire process. It delves into various aspects of a marketing strategy, such as: 


  • Ad Tech, CRM and MarTech Data
  • Data Preparation
  • AI Algorithms
  • Opportunity and Design
  • Actions and Findings
  • Self Learning


Clients are the backbone of any business, which is why the primary goal of both companies is client satisfaction. They discovered that the best way to achieve this goal is through efficiency and optimal results, which can be guaranteed by harnessing the powers of AI.

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