The AI-Powered Evolution of Ad Tech in 2021

Ad tech has come a long way since it’s inception with internet’s first banner ad appearing on in 1994. Today, the entire ad tech process takes no more than a fraction of a second to serve ads to billions of users on millions of websites. In fact, the ad tech industry grossed over $60 billion in 2019 with likelihood of exponential growth in the coming years.

A fundamental reason for this drastic growth is the integration of artificial intelligence in the ad tech process. Not only has AI helped automate advertising technology, but with tech such as IPA, advertisers and publishers have a way of gaining insights backed by Machine Learning models. This trend is radically evolving ad tech in the present world as customers expect more personalization in their ad experience online.

The following report provides an in-depth look at how artificial intelligence is helping change ad tech for the better. You’ll get a brief overview regarding the history of the industry and a rundown of the basic ad tech process. In addition, we cover the exciting new trends emerging in ad tech in 2021 and how it will impact advertisers’ and publishers’ strategy for personalizing user experience online.

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