How to Prepare for Transformation of AI in Business in 2021

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Any technology that substitutes human activity is Artificial Intelligence. From the past decade, the shift and evolution of businesses towards machines and technology have increased rapidly. This is the era of technological development. Learning, planning, and problem-solving are the attributes found in Artificial Intelligence today, and particularly AI in business. 

Machines are substituting every human activity. Particularly, AI in business is now extremely essential and common. Without a doubt, the use of technology and its evolutions have done wonders in different fields. Application of AI can vary from detecting asteroids and other cosmic bodies in space to predicting diseases on earth. AI can even explore new and innovative ways to form industrial designs that further human expedition into new territories. 

There has been massive development in retail businesses as well. The method of cash payments and endless waiting in line is now eliminated in the developed nations. All of this is due to the evolution of Artificial Intelligence and development of the sharing economy model.

During the pandemic, from the government level to the educational level, the smooth running of the system has been possible. For example, China’s government managed to appropriately use individual’s information to filter out and alert its citizens of any corona patients in their radius. China’s approach can be seen as a combination of location-based marketing and a warning system for the citizens to maintain distance and interaction with infected patients. This is a whole new utilization of AI for the safety and health of individuals.

Whether Artificial Intelligence is for our beneficial development or ultimate destruction is a whole other debate. Here, the focus is the challenges in the development and evolution of AI in businesses. How can we prepare for the transformation of AI in business?

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AI in business

Challenges in the evolution of Artificial Intelligence

Limited Utilization

The major challenge that hinders the developing artificial intelligence is its lack of optimal utilization. In businesses, even if there is incorporation of automated responses and reminders, AI is still not utilized to its maximum capacity.

Supervised Learning

AI is still in the phase of supervised learning and has failed to develop self-consciousness. No matter how much artificial intelligence helps improve, it depends on human supervision and command. It does not matter how much progress we have made in the past years, Artificial Intelligence still cannot analyze and self-commit like the human brain.

Every response is designed with the help of an algorithm. Scientists have been trying to develop robots to replace humans for defense and security purposes. Boston Dynamics robotics has managed to create robots that do not hit living things.

Collateral Damage

The future of security, health, businesses, and retail relies on artificial intelligence. But we must note that these experiments for perfecting a specific technology have cost many lives. The unseen damage that is caused by machinery is lethal and significant. These disastrous events cannot be ignored, and thus hesitation in going through with particular experimentation is still there.

Challenges and Transformation of AI in Businesses in 2021

Attribution Breakage

There are many tools and software available to meet the one goal; customer satisfaction and brand experience. Social media sites and many other platforms have been focusing on customers’ data to maximize performance. But the major challenge till today is attribution breakage. 

In simpler terms, attribution breakage means a lack of synchronization between website and social media platforms to show coordinated results.  

The whole journey from customer attention to customer satisfaction must be smooth and coordinated. Every business, e-commerce, or retail focus on increased customer satisfaction and ROI. The automated response setup, location-based marketing, email marketing, and omnichannel campaigns have exceptionally increased business performance. All these ideas are possible through Artificial Intelligence, but there is a smooth journey of customer and data collection that can be monitored and operated in upcoming years.   

The general setup of an e-commerce business is possible without any special skills or previous experience, but it is essential to invest and continue to grow your business in the right direction. This is only possible with expert collaboration. Companies need to make the right choice for the future of their businesses. Utilization of Artificial Intelligence for customer satisfaction is the present and future of survival and success.

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AI in business

Maintenance of User Privacy

Now every individual’s data is easily available; and if the technology is improving, cybercrime is also becoming more and more common. There is always uncertainty that personal data and information are in the wrong hands, which may lead to user privacy breaches. One can use this data available for facilitation purposes, but in the wrong hands, this data can destroy individuals’ lives or community. 

For businesses, personal data can be beneficial to observe and analyze for customer preferences and responses. 

The collection of behavioral and personal data is necessary for businesses to know their niche, but the maintenance of user privacy at the same time is obligatory. Some companies either fail to collect valid data, or they creep their potential customers. Both of these things will have a negative impact on the business itself; therefore, with help of Artificial Intelligence, decent execution of marketing campaigns is vital.

 So how can companies avoid such problems? The straightforward answer is proper planning and execution with experts to help a company collect, predict, and analyze data through different platforms.


Things that are being replaced by Artificial Intelligence astonishes one’s mind. Significant development includes the incorporation of artificial trees by Columbia University. The idea is to save time that a tree takes to grow naturally and drive the same purpose: filter CO2 and convert it into Oxygen. We know that technological development, considering the increased population and pollution, has become necessary from this example. But it is on the scientists and technologists to utilize this gift of knowledge correctly and for the right purposes. 

  Artificial Intelligence, irrespective of the field, can be beneficial and destructive entirely depending on the people handling it.  

The future of evolving Artificial Intelligence is bright for businesses. Retail, health, digital, or services using technology is to facilitate enterprises with their performance. Without worrying about the in-depth debate of technological aspects that may or may not harm us, in 2021, we must see how to build and implement Artificial Intelligence in businesses without disrupting our market’s data or privacy.

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